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I’m a different kind of writer: a marketing and brand strategist as well as a copywriter. I think the two go hand in hand. Words are wasted without a strong strategic foundation, and even the best strategy will whimper in the background without the right words to bring it to life. It is this mix of strategic thinking and on-target writing that I bring to the table. But when I sit down at that table, what’s uppermost in my mind is how to achieve your objectives and make you look good.

Of course, you also need compelling visual branding. That’s why, through Scarlet Letters, I work with some of Boston’s most talented designers, photographers, and web companies. Truly successful projects are usually the result of teamwork, and I’m proud to partner with these folks.

Prior to establishing Scarlet Letters, I served in senior marketing positions for both agen­cies and consumer companies. As a copywriter, I have experience in all media, many industries, B2B and B2C.  I’m well versed in the nuances of SEO and the ways in which the right strategy dressed in the right words can power up a brand, marketing plan, website, brochure or social media campaign.

Education? I have a BA in Classics from Goucher College and an MBA in Marketing from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.