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Boston East

Services: Brand Positioning and Strategy, Tagline and Copywriting,
Media: Advertising, Website, Print Collateral, Digital Display Ads
Partners: Adams Design, BKJ Productions (website)

Boston East is defining itself in the context of its neighborhood. These luxury apartments right are right on the water and  attract artists and community gardeners, foodies, young professionals and empty nesters, all looking for and enjoying the good life.

With so many new residential competitors in Eastie, Boston East is positioned as the “authentic” choice that welcomes all people and embraces its multi-cultural neighborhood. It has a warm, boutique feel to emphasize it is not a cookie-cutter development. At the same time, it leverages quirky art and  the resurgent popularity of Polaroid photos as a humorous way to emphasize the conveniences and amenities its primarily Millennial audience seeks.

A special note about the website: it’s incredibly user friendly, right down to choosing apartments online. You can even Facetime with the leasing agents to see your favorite without actually being there.