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Echelon Seaport


Services: Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Tagline
Media: Print Advertising, Print Collateral, Construction Signage, Billboards
Partners: Adams Design, graphic design and art direction; Geof Kern, brand photography

Echelon Seaport is all about lifestyle, and our tagline says it all:  It’s not just where you live, but how.  Boston’s Seaport district is on fire, with many competing residential options. What sets Echelon apart are both its size–447 luxury condominiums and apartments in three separate buildings–and its incomparable amenities, from a basketball court to three pools to an innovation business center.

We were asked to create an ad campaign as well as highly visible construction and billboard signate that would appeal to two sophisticated target audiences: a wealthy and fashion-conscious clientele seeking elegance andhip Millennials working in the Seaport’s equally hot businesses.


Our strategy for the ad campaign was to focus on Echelon’s “if you can dream it, we can deliver it” approach to amenities. For the construction scrim below we turned to quotations from a variety of sources to create this attention-getting, sophisticated, and just plain fun signage.