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Turner Hill

Services: Branding, Copywriting
Print Collateral
Partners: Adams Design (graphic design), Signature Impressions (print production)

Once the magnificent estate of a prominent Massachusetts family, Turner Hill’s 21st century incarnation includes an exclusive golf club, restaurants, inn, and concierge service for the surrounding private homes.  Leveraging its historic elegance and original peacock decorative motif, we positioned Turner Hill as a rare opportunity to experience a service-oriented contemporary lifestyle in the context of early 20th century grandeur. The championship golf course speaks for itself.


(Sample Brochure Copy)

Turner Hill belongs to another era, one of polo ponies, upstairs maids and gracious living. Even today, the aura lingers…in the artistry of European carvers, in the winding drives and vistas of its hilltop setting, in the warmth that flows from the massive living room fireplace. Turner Hill is changing to meet the needs of a new generation, but the same attention to detail will assure that, as before, it serves those who value a country life well-lived.