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Services: Naming, Branding, Copywriting
Media: Advertising, Signage
Partners: Adams Design (graphic design); Jody Hewgill (illustration)

Vivo Apartments are a direct reflection of both the neighborhood, Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA, and the primary audience, Millennials who work there or study at MIT.  Everything from the name to the tagline (O the possibilities!) to illustration is vibrant, youth oriented, and in tune with the biotech/scientific vibe of the area.

Visually, the primary illustration (above) features people of all nationalities in a variety of activities, connoting the Vivo  community and bringing attention to the international nature of our target audience, of Kendall Square and of Cambridge in general. Verbally, “O!” says it all: excitement and delight, whether talking about the location, the apartments, or the lifestyle.

The name means “with life and vigor,” and the mark was inspired by the geometric glass shapes and test tubes of any lab.

Mock up Billboard Banner template at Bus Shelter Media outdoor street Sign display